7 Minutes can change your life!

“You have no idea how much you’ve helped me, even from just a 7 minute video. I’d never even thought about the long term resume writers los angeles vision, since I started this business …. I thought about the things I love. I love educating, I love copywriting, I love being an environmental specialist and I love travel. So I combined these things into one vision, and over the last week I have made a 3-year goal. By 2020, I will be an environmental educator, working for global environmental companies to improve their in house English and the effectiveness and accuracy of their copywriting.” Joseph Kennedy

“Dan’s content from The Launch Pad was just what we needed. Dan’s knowledge helped us focus on specific sales objectives, a distribution strategy, and short term goals. After learning the information from The Launch Pad we are crystal clear on our next steps towards success” – Margaret Madden and Jen Greene

“Dan, I wanted to thank you for The Launchbest fruit juicer brands Pad training you provided me. Specifically I found your training and advice on marketing and social media really powerful. It gave me a new perspective and I felt empowered afterwards. The best part is when I used your strategies and tactics they worked! I was able to draw attention to my event and get more people to show up. Since then I’ve been using your ideas and they really work!” Rhonda Nolan.

“Dan, I am reading the sales page for The Launch Pad and am only halfway through it and my jaw is dropping. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Yes! count me in! I am beyond happy about this synchronicity.” Megan Reilly

“Dan is a real visionary who also focuses on getting things done and making things work. His combination of vision with execution / strategy with application is a rare and valuable gift.” Kevin Stolarick

“I have worked for Dan on a range of projects over four years. He brings extraordinary vision combined with the capacity to communicate difficult ideas simply and powerfully to any and all in the community. He also is able to drive projects and initiatives and get an amazing volume of things done.” Greg Baeker

“He is a straight shooter and a solid business partner who is a pleasure to work with.” Phil Wood

“His engaging speaking style and written word on this and other related topics put him in high demand as an educator for other communities who would like to understand how their community can do the same.” Karin Deveaux

“Our goal was to bring inspirational speakers to share iconic stories. I wanted the opening lecture to be unforgettable – something that would help our series to become engrained as a monthly destination. We struggled with who could deliver on the promise, and I finally said – “what about that legend, Dan Taylor?” – David Tuley

“Dan is very skilled at defining a vision and creating a strategic plan that is aggressive and achievable. Dan has been very helpful in sharing his business experience and knowledge with us. This process has been a rewarding experience, and I look forward to working with Dan on future projects.” Lizanne Donnelly

“He is always open minded to opportunities, strategic in his thinking, effective and persuasive! Strong relationship builder.” Petra Kassun-Mutch

“He is skilled at extracting big value from shoestring budgets, particularly through collaborative relationships which encourage everyone to “bring their best” to the table.” Kathryn Wood

“Dan is a true thought leader with a passion for innovative thinking!” Rebecca Mackenzie

“Dan is a visionary. His ability to see the big picture, interpret leading practices and emerging trends and then apply them in a practical way is an inspiration. Dan’s fusion of marketing expertise, business acumen, and network cultivation approaches makes him particularly effective.” Emily Robson

“Your presentation was insightful, entertaining, educational and delivered with a relaxed ease that allowed the audience to relax, take it all in and ask specific questions. Your message of celebrating and sharing will be embraced. Thanks so much Dan, you have enlightened our piece of the world and given us great information to put into action.” Andrea Roylance

“Dan’s content was informative and interesting. His presentation style was not only professional, but also understandable; giving the audience a dynamic experience. His energy was contagious and the following two speakers took his lead by presenting on the floor level as well.” Jeff Finkle