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By Thomas K. Malthus, Antony Flew, Antony Flew

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A more frequent and rapid change of place became then necessary. A wider more extensive territory was successively O/ LE UD and occupied. A broader desolation extended all around them. Want pinched the less fortunate members of the society, and, at length, the impossibility of supporting such a number together became too evident to be resisted. Young scions were then LJ LWD pushed out from the parent-stock and instructed to explore fresh regions and to gain happier seats for themselves by their swords.

Surprised that the fears of the timid nations of the South represented the North as a region absolutely swarming with human beings. A ODQ GD ' nearer and juster view of the subject at present enables us to see that the inference was as absurd as if a man in this country, who was continually meeting on the road droves of cattle from Wales and the North, was immediately to conclude that these countries were the most productive of all the parts The reason that the greater part 1D of the kingdom. of Europe is more populous now than it was in former times, is that the industry of the inhabitants E-Text Conversion By Nalanda Digital Library 47 An Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Malthus made these countries produce a greater U\ has quantity of human subsistence.

Add to these hardships of the women the constant war that prevails among savages, and the necessity which they frequently labour under of exposing their aged 1D and helpless parents, and of thus violating the first feelings of nature, and the picture will not appear very free from the blot of misery. In estimating the E-Text Conversion By Nalanda Digital Library 37 An Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Malthus U\ happiness of a savage nation, we must not fix our eyes only on the warrior in the prime of life: he is O/ LE UD one of a hundred: he is the gentleman, the man of fortune, the chances have been in his favour and many efforts have failed ere this fortunate being was produced, whose guardian genius should preserve him through the numberless dangers with which he would be surrounded from infancy to manhood.

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