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That’s how long it takes to carry out a response that your brain has already ordered up. 5 feet. That leaves a hopelessly tiny speck of time for the actual swing decision. The only way a batter stands a chance is to see the future—to predict when and where the ball will cross home plate—using pre-pitch clues from the pitcher’s windup. Major League players have spent years learning to read the movements of baseball pitchers’ arms and hands. This ability runs on automatic. Conscious thought is too slow.

In the late 1990s, however, a South African sports physician and exercise physiologist named Timothy Noakes started to question whether the heart, lungs, and muscles truly governed fatigue. If a body just kept exercising, on and on, until it was utterly spent, he wondered, why weren’t more athletes succumbing to heat stroke, heart attacks, and fatal dehydration? Why weren’t more competitors collapsing and even dying from exertion? Noakes found his first clue in a paragraph of Hill’s original writings that had been largely overlooked for decades.

In 2008 many top swimmers, such as Michael Phelps, began wearing a new type of full-body swimsuit made of a high-tech, water-repellent fabric. * Berthelot notes that while the federation banned the new swimsuits, it authorized the introduction of angled starting blocks that give swimmers an extra burst of speed as they enter the pool New and better equipment has always been a part of superior athletic performance. At a certain point, however, drawing some * As of this writing, more than two years after the ban went into effect on January 1, 2010, there have been only eight new swimming world records.

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