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By Carl R. Green,William R. Sanford,Gerald Kelley

Imagine you're floating freely in the course of the sky. all at once, you glance down and notice your physique mendacity some distance lower than. you're hooked up to it via a skinny, silver wire. Is it a dream, or are you having an out-of-body event (OBE)? humans worldwide and all through background claimed to have had an OBE. They declare to trip with out worry for nice distances or via partitions. Do such astral voyages really happen? Scientists say no, yet many nonetheless think within the paranormal. learn the controversy during this ebook for reluctant readers and choose for your self.

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Critics attacked her work and revealed past scandals. To escape, HPB moved to India. There, she told the world, she made contact with a race of Masters. Theosophy revived and prospered. The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) sent Richard Hodgson to check up on her. Hodgson soon decided that the “miracles” were just clever tricks. Although his report charged that HPB was a fraud, her followers ignored it. Their faith was rewarded a hundred years later. 6 Image Credit: Mary Evans Picture Library / Everett Collection Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Chapter Four Standing at the Edge Private George Ritchie came down with the flu during World War II.

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On other tries he scored poorly. Once he “saw” two people in the room. 3 Would cats be aware of an astral body? Keith began a new set of tests by making friends with a kitten named Spirit. Then the kitten was taken to a second room. An observer counted its every move. Researchers ran the test four times, but told Keith to contact the kitten only twice. Each time he did so, Spirit froze in his tracks. His eyes appeared to focus on something the observer could not see. During one non-OBE period, Spirit meowed thirty-seven times.

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