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It is a speeded rotation test similar to the Card Rotation Test (Ekstrom, French, & Harman, 1976). In addition, participants were administered a German translation of the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ; Marks, 1973). This questionnaire requires participants to visualize verbally specified objects or scenes and to rate the vividness of their visual images on a scale ranging from 1 (“perfectly clear image”) to 5 (“no image present at all”). Design and Procedure The design and the procedure corresponded to those in Experiment 1, except that at the end of the experimental session the SP and the VVIQ were administered.

The procedure was illustrated by means of two practice trials. The experimental session lasted approximately 50 minutes. Results and Discussion Analyses were carried out on the percentages of correct responses to the probe words of the experimental passages and on the latencies of these responses. The latency of a response was defined as the time between the onset of the probe presentation and the participant’s key press. In this chapter, F1 refers to tests against an error term based on participant variability.

28 Berry Claus and Stephanie Kelter Materials The 20 experimental passages and their probe words were the same as those used in Experiment 2, except for minor stylistic revisions. However, in half of the passages, the filler sentence preceding the probe was deleted. There were two further differences to Experiment 2. Instead of the verification task, participants were asked to write a continuation sentence for each passage after having given the probe-recognition response. We thought that the continuation task might more strongly motivate participants to process the passages carefully.

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