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By Norman G. Einspruch

Includes contributions from a dozen pros from the inner most zone and academia. Discusses numerous gadget physics themes of specific curiosity to and collage researchers in electric engineering, computing device technological know-how, and digital fabrics. Emphasizes actual description, mode

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In particular, the buried-channel nature of the devices can lead to p o o r turn-off characteristics. However, in normal circuit applications, the depletion-mode transistors are never turned off, and so this does not necessarily present a problem. Short-channel effects in buried-channel P M O S devices are dis­ cussed in Section III, and in general the same principles can be applied to N M O S devices with appropriate changes in d o p a n t types. III. p-CHANNEL M O S TRANSISTORS In advanced M O S technologies, p-channel transistors are used exclusively in C M O S logic or analog circuits.

It is thus clear that the art of process integration requires good knowledge of device physics, process capabilities, and circuit design issues. Historically, the trend in process integration has been toward increasing complexity as device dimensions have been reduced. Early N M O S tech­ nologies required only four masks. The move to include depletion load devices added another couple of masks, while multilevel metallization required a pair of masks for each additional level. -channel devices on the same substrate.

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