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By Joseph Albertus Culler

Initially released in 1909. This quantity from the Cornell collage Library's print collections was once scanned on an APT BookScan and switched over to JPG 2000 layout through Kirtas applied sciences. All titles scanned disguise to hide and pages may perhaps comprise marks notations and different marginalia found in the unique quantity.

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Definition of Terms. devoted to a discussion of motion, without consideration of the cause of the motion or the mass of the moving body. The problem there was to find the path of a moving point under certain given conditions. The chapter was entitled Kinematics because xivTina (kinema) means motion. In this chapter attention is directed mainly to a consideration of force and its effect in changing motion or causing strain in masses of matter. Force as a cause of motion is often treated tmder the title kinetics, that which causes motion, while the subject of equilibrium under stress is often called statics.

By placing a smoked glass beneath c, this motion may be recorded. In Fig. 41 the period of one pendulum was twice that of the other. A number of periods are required to make a figure such as this. The period of each pendulum is constant, but, because of friction and a very slight variation in the ratio of the periods, the tracneedle projects downward. FiG. 45. ings are separated from one another. as 2 to 3, as indicated by the In Fig. 42 the periods are In fraction beneath the figure. Fig. 43 the pendulums are made of such length that while one is making three vibrations the other makes four.

15 whose radius is 20 feet two bodies on the circumference Express this angular distance in radians. What is the distance in feet as measured along the circumference 4. A wheel 10 cm. in radius rotates 360 times per minute. What is its angular velocity and what is the speed of any point on the circum- In a 3. 96° apart. ference ? 1. 50 divisions on vernier to 49 on scale. 2. 002 inch. 3. 5 radians. 30 4. feet. 7 radians (nearly). 377 cm. 9. Velocity. is —Velocity is the rate of change of position.

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