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But if we don't stop thinking about the issue, for either negative or positive thoughts, all the information including the awakened toxic or non-toxic attitude will flow into a sea horse-shaped structure called the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a sort of clearing house for thoughts. 14 To do this, the hippocampus needs to work with the central hub of the brain - a whole group of structures that integrate all the activated memories and work with the hippocampus to convert information into your permanent memory storage.

Some digestive disorders which can originate from the effects of toxic thoughts and emotions include20: � Constipation � Diarrhea � Nausea and vomiting � Cramping � Ulcers � Leaky gut syndrome – when nutrients leak out of your stomach and colon walls, and don’t make it to your cells. � Irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon) – when the intestines either squeeze too hard or not hard enough, reducing optimum absorption of nutrients. That's all the bad news, but there is good news and lots of it.

When cancer cells float around in your body, mighty little soldiers from your immune system destroy them - most of the time. If you are intensely worried, depressed, anxious or angry and constantly thinking of the event or person who caused you to be in that state, you can make stressors (or toxic thoughts) become stronger. These stressors put your body into a stressful state because, as you already know, stress causes the wrong quantities of chemicals to be released. 8 This is an extreme example of the relationship among your thought life, stress and your immune system.

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