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By Linda McDowell, Joane P. Sharp

A Feminist word list of Human Geography is the 1st advisor to the most theories, ideas and phrases customary in geographical debates approximately gender relations.

Written by way of key participants to feminist concept, it comprises over four hundred full of life and available definitions of the phrases present in feminist debates which scholars of geography want to know. 4 degrees of access are used - from 50 to 1500 phrases - taking account of the various levels of complexity of the phrases covered.

From 'AIDS' to 'witch', from 'abortion' to 'whiteness', this 'Glossary' is cross-referenced all through and incorporates a accomplished bibliography. it really is a useful reference for an individual learning geography and gender, allowing them to method the terminology of feminist conception and concepts with self belief.

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American and European feminists have also drawn on autobiography to construct theories of gender difference, arguing in the 1980s that women’s writing contained characteristic ‘gynocentric’ features, such as focus on human relations and domestic, emotional and personal information (Rich, 1986a). Later critics abandoned such totalising notions of women but searched for other sources of identity and forms of difference, such as bell hooks’ (1989) postulation of black women’s ‘double-consciousness’.

Autobiography A type of personal NARRATIVE in written, oral, photographic, filmic or other media, autobiography is an introspective and interpretive definition of one’s life. It is a particularly important outlet for authors barred from more traditional or public venues of writing, thus feminist researchers have used it to recover the lives and EXPERIENCES of women and the larger historical and cultural meaning of their lives (Heilbrun, 1988; Stanton, 1987). Whereas literary theorists distinguish autobiographical writing from the closely related genres of memoir, journal, diary, personal essay and TRAVEL narrative, geographers generally do not.

The ‘aestheticisation of everyday life’ refers to situations where issues of CLASS conflict and exploitation can be hidden beneath naturalised issues of beauty, NATURE, art and taste (see Duncan and Duncan, 1997, for an example of this). In his book Distinction Pierre Bourdieu (1984) historicises questions of ‘taste’ to demonstrate how systematic social discrimination and exclusion is generated through the aesthetic. g. the BEAUTY MYTH) and have critically analysed aesthetics which encode the landscape as a female body (see Nash, 1996; Rose, 1993b).

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