About Dan Taylor


I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and I am no stranger to start-ups and the world of entrepreneurship.

Over my 30 year career, I’ve started up many ventures including a home maintenance business, real estate investment and apartment rentals, a winery tour company, a vineyard and “virtual” winery, a speaking business, a marketing consultancy and advertising agency, and an e-learning company just to name a few.

As well I spent 14 years in economic development starting up departments, numerous initiatives, events, projects and products as well as consulting with hundreds of companies looking to start up, survive, thrive, grow and prosper. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve done a lot and I’ve helped a lot of people realize their dreams.

Based on my experience and observing the experience of several hundred businesses that I’ve worked with, I’ve developed The Launch Pad which is a company dedicated to sharing a no nonsense 9 Step System for Start-Up Success.

I’m excited to share my experiences with new business start-ups and entrepreneurs and I am looking forward to helping more entrepreneurs like you succeed.

I live in Picton, Ontario in Canada. I am married, have three great kids, 2 cats, a dog named Buddha, and 2 backyard chickens that often free range and indeed cross the road – we don’t ask why?