Starting a New Business

It seems that everybody, well almost everybody, these days is starting up a new business. In this age of entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and technology a lot of people are getting into start-up mode, either full time or as a side hustle. Which is very exciting and fantastic!

Many are also lacking a roadmap or plan to get them from start-up to success, which can cause stress and overwhelm, take more time, cost more money and undermine confidence with the lack of clarity that comes without having a well thought out plan.

I am no stranger to start-ups and the world of entrepreneurship. I’ve started up many ventures including a home maintenance business, real estate investment and apartment rentals, a winery tour company, a vineyard and “virtual” winery, a speaking business, a marketing consultancy and agency and an e-learning company just to name a few.

As well I spent 14 years in economic development starting up departments, numerous initiatives, events, projects and products as well as consulting with hundreds of companies looking to start up, survive, thrive, grow and prosper. I’ve seen a lot.

Most new business start-ups have many things in common including smart, excited entrepreneurs, good ideas and lots of enthusiasm. Interestingly, many if not most, don’t really have a plan. I’ve learned over time that the tighter the plan, the better the chances are for success. Without a plan, the chances of success dwindle significantly.

The good news is plans don’t have to be complicated, in fact, the simpler the better as far as I’m concerned, especially if you are starting up a new business.

Based on my experience and observing the experience of several hundred businesses that I’ve worked with, I’ve developed a The Launch Pad [WEB LINK] which is a company dedicated to sharing a no nonsense 9 Step System for Start-Up Success.

I’ve created a FREE Checklist of the 9 Steps that is available for download right here.

The Launch Pad makes planning easy and breaks down the start-up process into 9 easy to understand and easy to implement steps, removing the overwhelm to getting started on the right foot.

By following these steps entrepreneurs can save time and money, get the clarity they are looking for and the confidence they need to succeed. Equally as important they will have a road map, that will help them plan for a successful new business launch.

Over the next several weeks and months I will be writing a series of articles and blogs that cover each of the 9 steps, to provide new business startups with the road map to success.

In the meantime here is a link for the FREE Checklist of the 9 Steps that is available for download right here.

As a preview, here are the 9 steps:

Vision: This step is about having a long-term vision and big picture thinking.

Defining Your Business: This step gets into defining your business in detail and into articulating your value beyond the obvious.

Goals and Objectives: This step addresses goals and objectives, in particular, it’s about short term action oriented goals focused on getting you cash flow positive fast.

Distribution: This step addresses distribution, prioritization and narrowing your focus on distribution options in your start-up phase.

Pricing: This step addresses pricing and how pricing is linked to distribution and recommends the best pricing strategies for your new business start up.

Sales & Marketing: While I love marketing, there is a heavy emphasis on sales in this step, to keep you on track and get off to the best start possible. Of course, fundamental marketing is also addressed in this step.

Timelines: In this step, we shift into the nitty gritty of accountability and specifically how you manage your time and deadlines.

Budgets: This step addresses budgets, reviews a simple income statement and a simple approach to projecting cash flow.

Funding: Finally in step 9 we address sources of funding, options for consideration and how this links back to your budgeting exercises.

This 9 step system is essentially a stripped down business plan giving your lean new business start up the tools that you need to start up fast, save time and money in the process and have the utmost clarity and confidence moving forward.

Here is the link to a FREE Checklist from The Launch Pad Checklist which includes the 9 Step System to Start-Up Success.

Click here to download your free copy now.

I am here to help you out if you are a new business start-up or just seeking help on having the right plan in place for your business. To help you further and provide more support I’ve created The Launch Pad Private Facebook Community ( Click here for to join), where myself and our start up tribe are there to help you out with your problems and challenges.

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